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The trend in frameless shower doors has been moving to a ‘true” frameless look. This means the fixed panels are installed with clips vs. u-channel. The U-channel installation is now referred to as a semi-frameless. We are seeing more and more clients opt for the heavy 1/2″ glass for the ultimate luxury feel and look. The heavy 1/2″ Ultra Clear Glass guarantees our clients will be admiring their shower for for years and years to come. Standard glass has a green hue to it. The green can make your white tile, or lighter colored marbles look green. That green tint is hard to fall in love with, and even harder to stay in love with. Ultra clear provides the optimal clarity. A frameless shower enclosure, if done right, should essentially disappear. 


Ultra Clear 1/2″ Glass installed to the ceiling creates a custom, spa worthy steam shower. Top and Bottom mount pivot hinges provide the necessary structural support for this large 1/2″ thick 8′ tall door. Pivot hinges are always the superior choice. 90% of the door weight is on the bottom hinge, as opposed to wall mount hinges where all the weight of the glass is placed on the supporting wall.

Transform the look of your bathroom with luxurious Frameless Shower Doors.  A well thought out custom shower door with premium hardware and customized glass offers long term value and enjoyment.  We like to educate our clients on all the options available.  We only use the best hardware available. We customize the glass to suit your needs whether its the standard 3/8″ thick and 1/2′ thick glass or Ultra clear (no green tint).

In the photo above you can see a completely custom shower enclosure we deigned for a client. Truly great design flows effortlessly, making it go unnoticed. Clients choose Sheer Glass knowing they will have their shower customized by one of our glass designers. While others in the industry would have offered a  generic standard install, we lead the industry with our innovative shower designs. Industry standards would require this shower to have a header at the top. The "old school glass shops" are still doing showers the way they always have. That means when a door is desired where it can’t be hinged off the wall, they insist a header is required.


How are we doing things differently at Sheer Glass? We design outside of the box. Here this can be seen in the shower hardware we selected. The  ‘header-less’ design is made possible with our innovative glass mounted pivot hinge.   Keeping structural integrity also in mind, the top glass mount pivot hinge is only part of the equation. The other critical components are the hardware and glass used to secure the right glass panel to the wall. Heavy duty, structural clips, alongside heavy 1/2″ tempered glass ensure that this fixed panel has the structural integrity to support the weight of the 1/2″ thick door.

This custom shower enclosure features our new ‘header-less’ design mentioned above. Heavy Duty Structural clips are used at the fixed panel where the door is hinged off of. 1/2″heavy glass provides the necessary structural strength. Contemporary. While still a beautiful shower, the standard clear glass, and it’s inherent green tint, does distract the eye and clashes with the white and grey marble. This was installed over 2 years ago, before Ultra Clear was an option. With such beautiful marble to feature, Ultra clear glass would have made this shower magazine worthy.

Enough about the technical, lets look at The Pretty Details…

  • Contemporary clip and hinge hardware- The contemporary look is achieved using clips and hinges with a squared edge, as opposed to the rounded edge hinges that are the standard.                                                

  • Ultra Clear Glass – Ultra Clear Glass is stunning and the only option as far as we are concerned. Others in the industry haven’t discovered the make or break impact ultra clear glass has on the final result of the entire bathroom. The optimal clarity without the standard green tint, will make everything in the bathroom pop. Don’t let the green of standard glass be the ‘pop of color’ indoor bathroom! Ultra Clear Glass provides a subtle beauty and richness that can’t be matched.                                                                                                    

  • Sleek custom handle- The custom shower pull further enhances the beauty of the glass, tile and fixtures. It doesn’t steal the show, it’s subtle sophistication flows effortlessly,  as intended.

Neo- angle- This corner shower is designed with the best use of space in mind.The flat polished edge of the door lines up perfectly at this corner with a minimal 1/8″ space. Industry standards consider 1/4″ gap acceptable. We do not. We have sought out the best Glaziers in the industry. Our Master glaziers have the experience and precise measuring skills required to execute a custom shower like this.

What is a true Frameless Shower?

Clips vs. U-channel explained. The many shower door hardware options can be confusing!

This Brushed Nickel semi-frameless install was done with a header at the top, to support the door that is not hinged directly off a wall. U-channel was used to install the fixed panels. A header is required when the glass door is hinged to a fixed panel vs. a wall. our ‘header-less’ option will not accommodate every application, due to glass size guidelines for mounting off of glass. The fixed panel here was too large to go headerless. If a header is required for your installation, rest assured we can still design a beautiful shower like the one here.  

Frameless Shower Door Options

Here you can educate yourself on the many Frameless Shower Door and Enclosure Options. Compare apples to apples when you are looking for your new shower door.

These custom shower enclosures features our new ‘header-less’ design mentioned above. Heavy Duty Structural clips are used at the fixed panel where the door is hinged off of. 1/2″heavy glass provides the necessary structural strength. 

Glass shower enclosures in Charlotte NC

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