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Mirrors are available in almost any size. For a full wall we recommend installing the mirror in three sections. The middle mirror section should be the largest. This technique makes the wall look bigger and takes your eye away from the seams. The tallest mirror we warranty is 120″, that is a 10 foot mirror. Oversize mirrors are available, a warranty is not.

Electrical outlets can be covered with mirror cover plates to make them disapear! We believe our secret to success is setting us apart from the competition with the best product offerings. Holes can be cut in the mirror if you would like to mount a light or picture. The possibilities are endless, but you can never go wrong when adding mirror.

Vanity Mirrors

All vanity mirrors are measured by our crew to ensure a perfect fit. Not all mirror suppliers are created equal.  A mirror installation is not a job for a rookie! Our mirror installers are trained and experienced with the most custom and difficult mirrors.

The crew will measure the mirror to fit your walls. Unfortunately most of the walls are never perfect. Our crew will measure your mirror to fit your wall. We call this a “tight fit” mirror. Make sure your mirror installation will be a “tight fit.” The other option is loose fit and it just does not compare. Loose fit mirrors are what you expect in a builder grade, new construction home.

A custom mirror installation can completely change the look of your bathroom. Mirror options are endless. For example the picture to the left shows an installation where the customer decided to replace the builder grade mirrors with a custom mirror that was installed “tight fit” to the ceiling. Mirrors installed to the full ceiling height help being your eye up and give an easy flow. When a mirror is too short your eye will stop there. Don’t make this mistake! 

Holes can be cut for a floating light fixture. This gives your mirrors that high end custom look.

Have your light fixtures on hand when our crew comes to measure. Each light fixture requires different size holes drilled into the mirror.


Custom cut mirrors with holes look the best when the light fixture is centered over your sink. Make sure your electrician places your back plate and wires exactly where you want it. This will save you form calling your electrician back to move wires.

Beveled Mirrors

Are you looking for an even more custom mirror look? Decorators often add bevel strip framing to vanity mirrors to get that custom mirror look.


Add bevels to your vanity mirror to add a touch of elegance. Bevel strips can be cut and mitered to frame your mirror. This powder bath shows a simple mirror with 2″ bevel strips added to give a framed, custom look. Bevel strips can be installed on your new vanity mirrors or we can simply install them on your existing mirrors. Adding bevel strips can help hide any black edge your old mirrors might have. Bevel strips are available in 2″,3″, and 4″. Corner connectors and square connectors are also available for an additional cost. Set your mirror installation apart with bevel strip framing!

Here is a closer look at the effect bevel strip framing can add to your existing or new mirror installation. The corners of the mirrored bevel strips are mitered by hand for a perfect fit. This installation is only for an experienced glass craftsmen. The sparkle and dimension these mirrored bevel strips add is really incredible.

Don’t need a new vanity mirror? Sheer Glass can simply add bevel strips to your existing vanity. This is a popular technique used by many decorators to give a custom mirror look . Estimates for adding bevel strips to your existing mirror can easily given over the phone.

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